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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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it will continue to be cold. a broad daylight a reduction is very troublesome. >> not a community is on edge. a special tribute to the youngest victim of the tucson
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massacre. he used to scare me sometimes. >> who is jared loughener? >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. we are falling breaking news from prince william county. there was a shooting in manassas. shots were fired at an intersection around 9:20 this evening. sources tell us that two people were shot and one was dead. we will continue to follow the latest information and bring it to you as soon as it becomes available. a woman was abducted in a brash daylight attack. it happened near a shopping
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center along route 1. we are joined -- we are joined live from the scene of the crime. >> police say this crime cost lives. it was at 3:00 in the afternoon. this woman was walking to a shopping center when she was attacked. it lasted about 10 minutes. four miles down the road in woodbridge. the suspect is still on the loose. a local woman was allegedly abducted in broad daylight. >> it is an eye opener. you have to pay attention to your surroundings and what is going on. >> police say the woman was walking down route one which he was approached by the suspect in a dark ford sedan. >> i would like to find him and make them pay for this. we cannot have that happening in
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this neighborhood. >> police found the car, but the woman who spoke very little english did not understand. she opened the passenger door and people are in. >> she was unable to get away. the vehicle slowed enough that she was able to escape. >> another woman immediately saw her and came to her aid. the suspect drove off. >> i just cannot believe in it. it is unbelievable. >> the is trying to make sense of this bold kidnapping. this is one of the reasons he signed his daughter of clark corrupt a. >> i want her to be allowed to protect yourself or get away from somebody. >> we are told the woman is doing well tonight. the description is extremely vague. we are told he is a tall, black male in his 30's.
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police say they would like to talk to witnesses including the good samaritan who helped out. police have just released a sketch of a burglar terrorizing montgomery county. he is described as a white male between 22 and 26 years of age. authorities believe the suspect may have some bruises after a confrontation with a church pastor. he broke into a baptist church three times in five months. he took a safe, a dvd player and a jar of 50,000 pennies collected by the children of the church. if you have information, please call the police. a funeral was held in tucson for the youngest big drum. nine-year old christina taylor green was laid to rest. they also prayed for the victims
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still hospitalized. we are joined now with more. >> it seems as if those prayers are being answered. in the last few hours, two of the injured victims have shown tremendous signs of improvement. for the first time, ron barbour was wheeled into the fresh air today to seek the ever expanding memorial to the victims. his wounds are bandaged and braised. representative gabrielle giffords is on the mend. the first reportedly opened her eyes. -- giffords reportedly opened her eyes. >> she pulled her arm up and gave a thumbs up. >> 13 people survived. >> it was a miracle. >> six others were not so likely.
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9-year-old christina taylor green was laid to rest today. a 9/11 flag was unfolded for the victim. she had recently been elected to her school's student council. she was the only girl on her baseball team. >> we just came out to show our support for the family. they are going to make terrible time right now. >> there is suspected to be a similar outpouring of support at the same tucson catholic church tomorrow as the funeral for another victim, federal judge john role, will be held. we are learning more tonight about the suspected gunman, jerry loughner. police found a black bag containing ammunition that was believed to be discarded by the shooter. loughner bought ammunition from
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a walmart shortly before the rampage. there is some speculation about his mental stability. his ex-girlfriend says there were warning signs. >> he has several problems. he made me feel uncomfortable at times. >> loughner is being held in federal prison just north of tucson. >> we will have continuing coverage and more on the condition.s 13 people had been murdered in prince george's county in the first 13 days of this year. authorities are calling in 135 fbi and dea agents to crack down on the crime spree. most of the murders have taken
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place inside the beltway. that is where officers will focus their efforts. they will stay until the violence subsides. a new commander is at the helm of the uss enterprise. >> the man or focus. they want to contribute. >> it is sad that it happened, but we still have to do our jobs. >> the enterprise left port on its latest mission to date. its previous commander was relieved of duty after filming controversial videos that became public. an investigation is continuing. another bitter cold night in our region. we see here -- we hear some snow could be on the way. bob ryan is in the winter -- is in the weather center with more. >> the people in southern pennsylvania -- look at the
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temperatures right now. 27 in washington. 21 already in hagerstown. what a difference. the last time we had the strong winds and when shells, they have settled down to five or 6 miles an hour. finally, talking about snow? this is where there has been more than a flurry. there were record snows in new england. we had a poll about snow here in washington. i will show you that in a few minutes. >> a popularity poll? the flu is spreading rapidly through maryland. the cases have gone from local to widespread in just two weeks. if the season continues as expected, maryland will have more cases by february.
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it is not too late to get your flu shot . has the nation pauses to remember martin luther king jr. this weekend? we get a look at his memorial. it is 29 weeks high -- 29 feet high. it was shipped from china and took months to assemble. all the other side of the memorial, there will be a bookstore. the memorial is expected to be completed this summer. i guess some people think i should grovel because i was found guilty by a jury. but i am and said. >> coming up, in his own words, what the most powerful men in politics speaks after being sent to jail. a new study has the answer and it may not come as a surprise. >> your favorite metro station
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tom delay broke his silence after being sentenced to three years in prison. >> people will hate you for what you believe. i had done nothing wrong. we will prove that. why should i go to jail if i have done nothing wrong? >> on monday, he was sentenced to jail for conspiracy and money-laundering. he was found guilty of falling corporate donations to state candidates in 2002. he maintains his innocence and plans to appeal. metro is considering a proposal to rename its stations for money. it could bring the strip cash- strapped agency the funding it needs without costing taxpayers a dime.
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we have reaction from riders. >> they are looking for a number of methods to generate revenue. poon knows? maybe these next stop could be brought to you by whole foods. metrobus the struggle to raise revenue has caused them to look at naming rights. >> it is an interesting concept. >> the idea could generate an estimated $2 million a year -- a year. >> people obviously want to get their name out there. it will generate revenue and help the stations out. >> you could have the silver spring stop brought to you by starbucks. how about the wachovia or pepco stop?mato-bismal
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>> the service is as good as it could be. i have no problem with that as all. -- at all. >> it is an idea they are willing to embrace. >> sponsored by walmart. nobody is going to care. >> this naming rights idea is just that. it is in the first days. it will go to the board for consideration for the 2012 budget. that is expected to be out in june. new tonight, the former head of the d.c. department of transportation is applying for a seat on the city council. he is considering a run for a seat.
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an election is scheduled for april 26. 7 is on your side tonight with a new warning about dangerous driving. the national highway safety transportation administration is looking at the effects of cognitive destruction. >> , an active distraction is anything that would upset your concentration while driving. -- cognitive distraction is anything that would upset your concentration while driving. the department of transportation wants a study to record drivers and finalized their reactions. the results will be released in 2012. an intoxicating proposal to help maryland produced a multimillion-dollar deficit. a dime a drink tax would apply to beer, wine, and liquor at the
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bar. it will cost 15 cents to 20 cents more for a drink. that will go to the general assembly next week. it could generate $15 million for new revenue in maryland. whoever said money cannot buy love it was right. an on-line poll shows that three americans in 10 have admitted to marital infidelity. most surveyed said they were not truthful about an extra bank account or their true earnings. 15% of those ended in divorce. some say it right their trust in their night. it could have been a cognitive distraction. >> rain and snow are cognitive distractions. [laughter] speaking of polls, we had
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some fun with what you would consider a major snowstorm. how much snow would make you had to the store to stock up? we got a lot of opinions. how about 24 inches? let me show you new england. this is where they really needed to stock up. the record amount of snow in new england has finally ended. it has been a record breaker. hartford, conn. -- 24 inches. how would you like to be shoveling that? my goodness. this is how it looked from space. i want to take you 400 miles out. there is boston. four or 5 inches around some counties. let mee missed it
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zoom in. back to central park. see the gray around it? that his midtown manhattan. from 400 miles into space. 47 in washington. -- 27 in washington. the temperatures in the overall pattern will be coming down. there is a little ripple in the atmosphere that will be moving to our north. that is why folks in northern maryland may be seeing a few snow flurries. that will move through and bring a mixture of clouds and sunshine. for the most part, sunny weather as we head into the weekend. if it does anything, there will probably be some winter wheat mixed coming our way. as you head out tomorrow morning, your friends of north will be shoveling. 15 to 22 degrees.
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winds will be light. they will be from the south to southwest. there may be a passing snow flurry on saturday. certainly no storm. then we get into a milder pattern. some trapped, cold air may come in briefly on monday or tuesday. showers by tuesday. >> a little warmer. thank you.
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makes an sanitizer. let's clean this whole thing up and get to sports. let me tell you that maryland football gets a big name offensive coordinator. the wizards look for their first win on the road. is there too much love in minneapolis?
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>> the toyota sports desk is brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving you forward. the wizards travel to minnesota carrying the burden of an 18 game road losing streak. pick it up late in the fourth quarter. nick young has been on fire. he shoots the three to give the wizards the 94-90 lead. it look like the wizard would get their first win of the year, but kevin love scored 33 points. you could feel it slipping away. he takes this baby strong to the right and lance at home. the wizards lose for the 19th straight time on the road, 109- 97. the redskins are reshaping their roster for next season. the nfl, is set for april 28. i spent some time with the
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general manager bruce allen. we asked them how they become fan favorites again? >> we have to have the right game plan for the future. this place has seen success. it was the success again. >> how long will it take? >> you do not know. we do not want to put a date on it or a number of how many we have to win next year. >> general manager bruce allen. gary crowton has extended the offensive coordinator position at maryland. he will get $500,000 a year. all were's star quarterback has decided to leave school early and entered the nfl draft. he will forgo his season -- his senior citseason.
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virginia tech travel to north carolina to take on the tar heels. that three light pole the hokie -- that 3 late pulled the hokies within one. boston college beat the lady terrapins 78-69. >>
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loss to talk about again tonight. >> another cold morning. there is not in the snow. there may be a passing flurry around frederick county. some other side roads will be a little bit slippery.
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there could be an icy mixture. >> d
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